The next stage for us as a company is to move into the malls, community centres, airports, and office clusters of the U.A.E with an express version of Golositalia. This concept, as illustrated, will be a little bit smaller but still offer guests the same atmosphere and quality products that made Golositalia the success that it is. Soon one of these venues will be popping up at a location near you!


Growing as a bran dname is not an easy task to accomplish alone, that is why Golositalia is looking for franchisors and strategic partners locally and internationally. The concept and know how are ready to implement anywhere suitable, for great opportunity seekers everywhere!


It was never in our plans to become a baked goods supplier, but luckily it has become a large part of our business due to the quality and freshness of our products. Now, Golositalia supplies a number of coffee shops and restaurants with goods such as croissants, pies, cakes and a wide range of pastry products.

If you are looking for a baked goods supplier, look no further! We deliver quality products at reasonable prices.



Golositalia also offers excellent catering services for all business and private social events such as corporate events, business luncheon and dinner meetings, birthdays, private parties and so on.

We will help you impress your guests with great food!